Blog Nicky Bubbles Live Wallpaper (v. 1.3.1)

Nicky Bubbles Live Wallpaper (v. 1.3.1)

Nicky Bubbles Live Wallpaper (v. 1.3.1)

Introducing the Nicky Bubbles Live Wallpaper, an immersive experience for your phone featuring vibrant soap bubbles that come to life with just a tap of your finger. Customize your wallpaper by adjusting bubble size, quantity, and speed. Choose from four stunning skylines—sunrise, morning, sunset, and night—or select a personal photo from your gallery to set as the background.


Version 1.1:


Improved management of gallery pictures for seamless integration.
Enhanced screen tapping for a more satisfying bubble-popping experience.

Introducing the shaker functionality—shake your phone and watch the bubbles go wild across your screen.
Version 1.2:

New Features:

Added “How to fit” settings section allowing users to customize how their photos appear on the screen:
Stretch the picture to fit the screen.
Preserve the size with dark strips.
Crop the image to fill the screen.
Option to enable or disable shake feature.
Version 1.3:


Enhanced memory management for smoother performance.
Version 1.3.1:

Bug Fixes:

Addressed bug specific to Motorola Droid devices.
Lite Version:

Experience the magic with limited features:

Customize the number of bubbles.
Choose from two available skylines: sunrise and night.
If you enjoy the Lite Version, consider upgrading to the full version for an enhanced experience.

Lite Version 1.1:


Enhanced tap management for improved usability.
Compatible with Android 2.1 and above.
Elevate your phone’s aesthetics with Nicky Bubbles Live Wallpaper—where every tap brings joy and every shake adds a touch of whimsy to your screen.

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