Blog Fantasia Nr.7 Live Wallpaper

Fantasia Nr.7 Live Wallpaper

Fantasia Nr.7 Live Wallpaper

Introducing Fantasia Wallpaper, an enchanting addition to your smartphone that will mesmerize you with its vibrant and dynamic display of colorful particles. Customize your experience with a variety of settings tailored to your preferences.


Particles Number: Adjust the density of par

Fantasia Nr.7 Live Wallpaper
Fantasia Nr.7 Live Wallpaper

ticles on your screen to suit your taste.
Size: Control the size of the particles, whether you prefer them large and bold or small and subtle.
Type: Choose from a selection of particle types, each adding its own flair to your wallpaper.
Speed: Set the speed at which the particles move across your screen, from slow and soothing to fast and exhilarating.


Select from seven stunning background options to complement the movement of the particles and enhance the overall visual appeal of your wallpaper.


Enable Sound on tap to add an extra dimension to your experience, immersing yourself fully in the fantastical world of your wallpaper.

With Fantasia Wallpaper, your smartphone transforms into a portal of magic and wonder, offering you a delightful escape from the ordinary. Download now and let your imagination take flight.

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