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Butterfly Live Wallpaper

Butterfly Live Wallpaper

Transform your phone into a vibrant sanctuary with our delightful butterfly feature, adding a touch of life and color to your device. Customize your experience by adjusting various settings:

Butterfly Type: Choose from a variety of butterfly species, each with its own unique charm and appeal.

Number of Butterflies: Set the number of butterflies fluttering across your screen to suit your preference, from a few gentle companions to a bustling swarm.

Butterfly Live Wallpaper
Butterfly Live Wallpaper

Butterfly Size: Adjust the size of the butterflies to create the perfect balance between elegance and visibility.

Butterfly Speed: Control the pace at which the butterflies move, whether you prefer a leisurely glide or a lively dance.

Additionally, you can select a background from your personal gallery or explore our curated collection of 1473labs wallpapers available on the internet. These handcrafted wallpapers offer a diverse range of styles and themes to complement your butterfly experience.

Please note that permissions such as “Full internet access” and “Modify/delete SDcard contents” are required solely for accessing and utilizing the wallpapers from the 1473labs website. Rest assured, your privacy and security are paramount, and these permissions are only utilized for enhancing your customization options.

Embrace the beauty of nature and technology seamlessly intertwined with our animated butterfly feature, bringing joy and serenity to your daily interactions with your phone.

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